Friday, April 10, 2020

Hiring Techniques

As a Recruitment Consultancy, we have several times noticed that many job aspirants apply for a job without the basic information needed for the same, so we have tried to put down a couple of them, which may help aspirants to achieve the goal.

Recruitment Consultancy

Points to be considered while applying for a job

·        Please submit your resume along with proper subject line on the email and Provide information like current location & the location you are expecting to work
·        Salary information is must to avoid wasting your and others time, so please put your current salary information along with your realistic expectation
·        Every Employer looks for someone who can come on board as soon as possible, so please mention accurate timeline to join the future employer
·        Don’t be a job hopper and be an asset to the company and spend required amount of time with each company and that will add value to your profile
·        Please treat Recruitment Consultancy as one of your helping hand and don’t treat them as broker
·        Always better to be transparent with HR Consultants and Panel
·         Ensure your resume is completely updated with the role and responsibilities you have handled which will add value to your profile.
·        Many a times profile will be ruled out by looking at your resume, so better to update each and every information needed for the role
·        When you are satisfied with the expected offer, better to take the necessary actions like, please strike out your resume from the portal, because it’s unnecessarily chargeable to Recruitment Consultancy, it’s obvious that you should join your hands with helping hands
·        Please be advised that no manpower consultancy will charge you
·        It’ important that you clearly specify the years of experience you carry on each skill
·        Be advised that Recruitment Agency will not fetch any money 
from you, so when you are in need of a job please reach placement agencies and they would help you for sure
·        Job Seekers are very important for a consultant and they treat job seekers like their asset and source of income and don’t assume that they are to waste your time
·        Please keep in mind that Human Resources team will be qualified enough to get into salary negotiation part and fairly will give you the best by considering the market standards and don't be un realistic with numbers
·        Be Informed that you don’t have to appear for the discussions at job consultancy
·        While uploading your profile into Job Portals please provide the sufficient information as the placement consultant will be desperately looking to find the right candidates.
·         The Main Reason why companies will reach out to Recruitment Company to find the right candidates is to just to avoid wasting their valuable time on the recruitment process and lack of a skilled recruitment team, don’t come to the conclusion that consultancy services are chargeable to job seekers. 
·        Since there is a huge competition in the market if your profile is already being processed by any manpower recruitment agency then please inform the same to the next consultant or employer
·        When your profile is available in Job Portals, it's quite obvious that your profile is already in the process with other companies, it's better to plan your schedule and be generous rather than committing and the last movement back out.

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